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Daily Links for Tuesday, Aug 17

Is summer over yet? I watched an hour of the Wings-'Yotes playoff series from this season the other day out of boredom. When reruns and pre-season football are the most exciting things on the sporting calendar, you've got a problem. (I'm not counting baseball until they can start playing games in under three hours again).

The Sabres have launched the newest edition of Sabres TV. Updated with a custom retro look to commemorate the organization’s 40th Anniversary, it also has many new features.

Water leak causes damage at HSBC Arena - YNN
We're learning details today of a water leak at HSBC Arena last month that caused some serious damage.

Kaberle will remain with Leafs -
Tomas Kaberle, the subject of numerous trade rumors this summer, will remain a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Spector on NHL: Brian's fantasy island -
Burke may need to slow down his rebuilding plans if the Leafs are ever going to turn things around.

Forsberg not optimistic about continuing hockey career - TSN
In an interview with a Swedish television station Peter Forsberg stated that he was not optimistic about his chances of continuing to play professional hockey. "It's no good," Forsberg told TV6. "I have no balance skating. If it continues to be as it is today, I will not continue playing."

Time for the NHL to cut goalie trapezoid - THN
After five years of trying to keep goalies in their crease, it's time for another change to allow room for excitement.

Video: Every day should be Patrick Kane's day with the Stanley Cup - Puck Daddy
Before appearing in the following video, Patrick Kane(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks had taken the Stanley Cup near the rushing waters of Niagara Falls and then high above the streets of Buffalo, stuck in a fire engine cherry-picker for 20 minutes. But how can either of those memorable moments compete with the chance to hoist the Stanley Cup in front of thousands of Parrotheads, put a beach ball on the Chalice and then play tambourine with Jimmy Buffett at a concert at Chicago's Toyota Park in Saturday?