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Daily Links for Wednesday, Aug 11

The Kovalchuk contract calamity continues (+500 bonus points for alliteration combo) today after the break, as I expect it will for a few more after this. Now the NHL is looking at similarly ridiculous front-loaded contracts such as Luongo, Savard, and Hossa. Check it after the jump.

Conserve that which has Value - Hockey Rhetoric
Dang if I don't feel smarter every time I read Hockey Rhetoric. Here they examine the argument that the Sabres are infatuated with too many of their players.

Faster NHL game putting goalies at risk, shrinking their salaries -
It certainly appears as if we are entering a new phase in how teams view the position from the perspective of slotting goalie salaries in the cap era. Since we have an elite goaltender making big $, would you rather have an average tender and spend that money on a top forward instead?

Handy Kassian's nifty move -
For those hoping Zack Kassian makes the team out of camp this year, his recent shootout goal should give you some hope. Nifty.

Spector on NHL: Precedent being set? -
If you were surprised with arbitrator Richard Bloch's ruling against Kovalchuk and the Devils, don't be.

Look out, Luongo - Sabres Edge
The NHL, with an arbiter backing its stance Monday that Ilya Kovalchuk's contract with the Devils was illegal, reportedly is ready to go on the offensive against other front-loaded deals.

A model Kovalchuk contract based on Hossa's deal - From The Rink
Ilya Kovalchuk's contract may have been rejected by the arbitrator, but a reasonable compromise can't be that far off. A look at how Marian Hossa's deal could provide the basis for Kovalchuk's.

Pass or Fail: Florida Panthers 'Name Your Price' season-ticket plan - Puck Daddy
I really hope William Shatner appears in some sort of "negotiator" role somehow.