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Daily Links for Tuesday, July 6

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Free agency is still going on, but does anyone out there still interest you? I mean seriously, not like a pipe dream?

NHLPA announces 31 players filed for salary arbitration - Pierre Lebrun('s Twitter)
Tim Kennedy was one of 31 players to file for arbitration yesterday.

Bettman's expansion plan worked - The Buffalo News
Bucky praises Bettman, and laments the Sabres letting two potentially helpful forwards get away in free agency.

Are Ilya Kovalchuk's contract demands self-sabotaging? - From The Rink
There weren't too many NHL teams willing to pay Ilya Kovalchuk what he wanted, and now one has dropped out of the running. A look at why Kovalchuk's contract demands are self-sabotaging his wish for more money.

Souray Clears Waivers - What's Next For Studley Wonderbomb? - The Copper & Blue
Lots of buzz about Sheldon Souray over the past few days. Interested?

Oilers seal deal with Taylor Hall - Edmonton Journal
With his signature freshly inked on his first NHL contract, Taylor Hall said the real work starts now.

More cockamamie clichés - THN
They're the lines many NHLers fall back on when they're at a loss for words, but the hockey world would be a better place if we struck the following six sayings from the language.

Will Stanley Cup and MJ keep LBJ in Cleveland? - Dangerous Hockey
Time for a little cross-sport love. Or hate - do you care at all about the whole LeBron sweepstakes?