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Happy July 4th Daily Links

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I expect most of you will be heading out to picnics, carnivals and fireworks today as part of your July 4th celebrations. It has been a slow weekend here at Die by the Blade and this links post will follow suit. We have just a couple of links for you before you head out for what could be a busy day.

This could also be a busy day for the Buffalo Sabres. It seems like the Sabres always make news on the July 4th holiday. I wonder what that news could be this year. Will it be a signing? A trade? or possibly nothing?

Anyway, make sure to have a fun and safe day and get ready for prospect camp this week at Niagara U. I will be in attendance at one or two of the sessions so let me know if you plan on attending.


Portland Pirates - News Release
Cody McCormick gives the Sabres another fourth line option. He spent the entire regular season playing in Portland but he looked good in limited opportunity in the playoffs with Buffalo. I expect him to spend the entire season in Buffalo.


Inside the NHL: Dudley doing things right for Atlanta : Buffalo Sabres : The Buffalo News
I almost never link to Bucky Gleason but this is a nice write up on former Sabres/current Atlanta Thrashers GM Rick Dudley. I like what Dudley has been able to do in a short time as the Thrashers GM.


Will the Flyers use Gagne's cap room the right way? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Puck Daddy wonders what the Flyers will do with the cap space if they succeed in trading away Simon Gagne. Will they use it properly?


Spector on NHL: The great Western round-up -
I know there are plenty of Sabres fans that are coveting Kevin Bieksa. Here is a look at why Bieksa is the name being mentioned in trade talks. - NHL salary cap calculator, buyout calculator, free agents and more!
The Chicago Blackhawks aren't the only team that will be working with a reduced salary cap this season. Cap Geek has a look at the other teams that will be affected this season.