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Daily Links for Saturday, July 31

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Well, today's the last day of July, which means it's the last day of another month without hockey. We're that much closer to the start of the season - thank goodness. Check after the break for another fantastic Jersey Fouls, in case you missed it on Puck Daddy yesterday.

Rivet may be ready by camp; Kennedy wins in arbitration - The Buffalo News
The Sabres GM expects his captain to be ready by opening night.

Kennedy’s Arbitration Award & What It All Means - Black & Blue & Gold
Phil gets technical with the NHL rulebook regarding Kennedy's arbitration, and makes his prediction on lines.

Sabres sign forward for Pirates - The Buffalo News
Dennis McCauley, the 6-foot-3, 225-pound forward spent last season with Worcester (AHL), scoring 14 points and picking up 84 penalty minutes in 45 games with the Sharks.

What the Bruins should do with Tyler Seguin - THN
Boston's salary cap issues could very well keep the No. 2 overall pick off the roster, but that wouldn't necessary be a bad thing.

Camp allows NHL officials to keep game in shape -
The NHL isn't looking for wholesale changes to the way the game is played but next month's camp is.

Ilya Kovalchuk contract, cap issues killing NHL's momentum -
One problem that comes after a great season is that just about everyone lines up and asks: How are you going to top it? It's a legitimate question for the NHL, but the answers aren't clear.

Jersey Fouls: Sharks get creatively awful; hockey movie pass/fail - Puck Daddy
Huzzah! A new version of Jersey Fouls brings the pain. The hilarious pain.