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Daily Links for Friday, July 30

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Happy Friday everyone, and an especially happy one to Mr. Tim Kennedy, who's getting a big raise next season. Read all about that below, plus who's left in free agency, the most hated hockey franchise, and the hall of fame hockey songs after the break! (Wow that came out a lot like one of those annoying teasers you see at the beginning of a TV show. Too bad I lost my delete and backspace keys.)

Kennedy Awarded One Year, $1 Million - WGR 550
In case you missed it yesterday, here's an article with some quotes from the GM.

Around the boards - Sabres Edge
His eminence Mike Harrington has some quick thoughts after speaking with Darcy Regier.

An NHL free agent cheat sheet: Who's left? - The Globe and Mail
It's late July but there are plenty of players available. Here are the ones worth keeping an eye on, categorized by how hotly their services will be bid on.

Caps acquire tough guy D.J. King from St. Louis [updated] - Capitals Insider
The Caps added some toughness to their lineup this afternoon, acquiring rugged right wing D.J. King from St. Louis in exchange for prospect Stefan Della Rovere.

Who is the most hated team in the NHL today? - Puck Daddy
Some good candidates here - which team do you hate the most?

Hockey's S.O.P. - Same Old Prejudices? - Hockey Plumber
How does the language barrier affect hockey?

Hall of Fame Songs - Page 2
The John Fogerty song "Centerfield" was recently honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Halfway down the page, the authors pick 3 songs that should go in the Hockey Hall of Fame - I agree with two of them, but "Chelsea Dagger"? Barf.