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Daily Links for Thursday, July 29

Remember Tim Kennedy's arbitration hearing? Well it happened two days ago, and we should have a decision sometime today, so stay tuned. After the break, Kovalchuk is offered a 17-year contract in the KHL and Mad Men and hockey collide.

Kennedy's hearing is completed - Sabres Edge
Tim Kennedy and the Sabres are expected to receive a ruling within 48 hours after both sides completed their arguments during an arbitration hearing in Toronto.

Listing The NHL's Top 20 Defencemen - Orland Kurtenblog
Tyler Myers makes the list - woohoo!

Northeast Divsion Up For Grabs Sabres Hockey Central
Predictions for the upcoming NHL season are already being posted around the web, and many teams are not done making moves. At this point, are the Sabres good enough to win the division again?

Eight NHL franchises that improved the most this offseason -
Each of these clubs made the sort of formula alterations that give their fans hope for the future.

Winter Classic a hot topic in steamy Pittsburgh -
The NHL brought the heat -- literally and figuratively -- to Heinz Field Tuesday to announce many of the details surrounding the 2011 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic.

KHL President offers Kovalchuk 17-year deal, choice of team - Puck Daddy
I hope he takes it, and we never have to talk about him again.

Don Draper was supposed to be watching hockey, not football, on Saturday night - Los Angeles Times
Any Mad Men fans out there? Here's an interesting tidbit of hockey trivia from the show.