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Daily Links for Tuesday July 27th

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With Andy out of commission for today, I have been brought off the bench to throw a few innings of relief. Hopefully, I can live up to all of the hype. 

Double Jumps and Arbitration | The Goose's Roost
Ryan from the Roost takes a look at the stigma against Darcy and why he bucks the trend of most Sabres fans.

Ilya Kovalchuk, A Contract Rejection, A Filed Grievance, and Two Outcomes: A Poll - In Lou We Trust
Your daily Ilya Kovalchuk story. This is a great look at what happens under the CBA when this finally goes to arbitration.

The Tragedy of Daniel Ryder

Relatively old story, but still a look at Micheal Ryder's brother, Daniel, and the struggles he went through in his short hockey career.

It’s about sharing secrets when coachs get together | Local Sports | Kamloops Daily News

Ken Hitchcock explains during a coaches conference how hard it was to get the Team Canada coaches to share information during Olympic training.

Video: When moms ruin perfectly good youth hockey fights - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Mom's do have a tendency to ruin a perfectly good hockey fight. Granted, its not going to be that good.

Concessions at the Verizon Center - Japers' Rink
With all of the articles surrounding how bad some of the vendors are at the Verizon Center, this fan goes off on all of the issues surrounding the concessions at Verizon Center.

Five Emerging Internet Companies To Know About - CNBC
Shameless promotion, check out the last company.