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Daily Links for Monday, July 26

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It's Thomas Vanek day on the interwebs, We have two articles about him, and two kill two birds with one stone, D.O. contracted one of his What If Wednesday posts to the Hockey News, because that's just how he rolls.

What if Thomas Vanek became an Oiler? - THN
In 2007 the Sabres sniper nearly became an Edmonton Oiler and the compensation for Buffalo would have been substantial. Looking back with hindsight, would you have resigned him?

A look at who's on the hot seat in the East - thinks Thomas Vanek is the Sabre under the most pressure next year - agree?

Ray Shero Talks About Building a Team in the Salary Cap Era - NHL FanHouse
How do you build a consistent winning team in the cap era? The GM of the Penguins seems like a good person to ask.

Punishing Devils, Kovalchuk for contract: NHL's next scare tactic? - Puck Daddy
While the debate continues over New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello's motivations for pushing forth with a contract he most likely knew would be rejected, the NHL's motivations for spiking it are pretty clear: It's a political strike at the NHLPA and teams that might seek similar cap-circumventing deals before the next CBA.

Spector on Oilers arena: Wake up Edmonton -
Either let Daryl Katz have a new arena or prepare to follow in Winnipeg's footsteps.