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Daily Links for Friday, July 23

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Action shot of Zach Kassian - he's the one in red, not the goalie.
Action shot of Zach Kassian - he's the one in red, not the goalie.

Happy Friday ya'll. The USA Hockey Hall of Fame picked its 2010 class today (check after the break) and the induction ceremony will be held right here in the HSBC Arena on Thursday, Oct. 21, in case you're interested. Maybe Jeremy Roenick will cry again.

Stand Behind the Yellow Line - The Goose's Roost
What starts as a post lauding Ryan Miller turns into a post asking if Ryan Miller is totally necessary. Then a happy ending.

Prospect Profile: Zack Kassian - Sabres TV
A video featuring Kevin Sylvester and some team scouts talking about Kassian's progress.

Just a quick Sabres rant - Joe from NYC Blog
Joe asks why other teams are making advantageous moves while it seems like the Sabres are standing still, then attempts to refine his expectations.

U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2010 - USA Hockey
Art Berglund, Derian Hatcher, Kevin Hatcher, Dr. V. George Nagobads and Jeremy Roenick make up the United States Hockey Hall of Fame's Class of 2010, as announced today by USA Hockey. The five-member class will be enshrined into the Hall on October 21 at HSBC Arena in Buffalo, N.Y.

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello: It's in hands of Ilya Kovalchuk and union -
Lou's not going to restructure anything. So there.

Incidentally, what is Kovalchuk actually worth? - Behind The Net
In terms of goals scored and games won above the average player.

Seven GMs who figure to keep life interesting -
Something tells me Darcy Regier won't be making an appearance here. Maybe on the "Seven GMs who constantly infuriate their fanbase yet still have a job" list.

After 14 Painstaking Years, Winnipeg Jets Fan Has Meltdown, Calls 911, Gets Arrested - Sportress of Blogitude
This particular soul, a 32-year-old resident of nearby Lundar, Manitoba, reached the point of no return and realized he was mad as hell and he wasn’t going to take it anymore.