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Daily Links for Thursday, July 22

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With Patrick Kaleta now back in the fold, only Tim Kennedy's fate is yet uncertain. Also, we're in day 264 of Kovy-gate, so by all means keep reading about it after the break.

New contract keeps Kaleta home, happy - The Buffalo News
Patrick Kaleta gets a new contract, gets to stay home to play for the Buffalo Sabres and gets to avoid going to arbitration. Now you know why the Angola native was all smiles Wednesday afternoon in HSBC Arena.

Darcy Regier Talks About Pat Kaleta And The Off-Season - WGR 550
Sabres GM Darcy Regier joined Mike Schopp and the Bulldog following the announcement that Pat Kaleta has agreed to a 2-year contract Wednesday afternoon. Regier also updated fans on the team's offseason plans and talked about the Ilya Kovalchuk story.

What to Do With Tyler Myers - Top Shelf
I officially vote for Heather for Sabres GM after reading this short post!

The Old Reach Around - The Willful Caboose
Kate shares her feelings on the Kovalchuk situation, but this post is mainly here because she uses Arrested Development to help make the comparison.

After eye rolling, Lamoriello defends Kovalchuk contract - Puck Daddy
Lour releases a statement, and Wysh reacts.

What the NHL should do about sham contracts like Kovalchuk's 17 year, $102M deal - On the Forecheck
Ilya Kovalchuk will keep firing pucks for the New Jersey Devils, but his contract is just another sham designed to circumvent the NHL's salary cap system. Here's how to help fix it.

Sports Law 101: The NHL CBA and Ilya Kovalchuk - The Phoenix Pub
If you're really interested in the nitty-gritty legal aspect of the Kovalchuk situation, this post if you. If you have an attention span of less than 15 minutes, move along.

MacArthur becomes unrestricted free agent -
Former Sabre Clarke MacArthur became an unrestricted free agent Wednesday when the Thrashers walked away from a $2.4 million salary awarded to the forward by an arbitrator.