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Sabres Resign Patrick Kaleta For Two More Years

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Today GM Darcy Regier announced that the team has resigned Patrick Kaleta for two more years. Kaleta was scheduled for an arbitration hearing on July 29, but the team avoided the process all together by getting this deal done early with the restricted free agent winger.

The 24 year old Angola native had the best offensive season of his young career last year, putting in 10 goals and finishing with 15 points and a +2 rating in only 55 gmaes. Kaleta also led the universe in penalties drawn per 60 minutes, and Behind The Net argued that his penalty drawing prowess led to as many wins for Buffalo as Ilya Kovalchuk and his goal scoring ability will add to whatever team he ends up signing with. He's an annoying pest, but love him or hate him, he's our annoying pest for at least two more years.

No financial details have been released yet (though Kaleta will get a raise from the $500,000 he made last season) but we'll be updating this post as soon as they do, so check back later.