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Daily Links for Monday, July 19

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I'm back, baby, and it feels good - or it would feel good if anybody was writing anything about hockey. You weren't lying, D.O., it's a barren wasteland out there, but we'll still be here every day to help you find that oasis of hockey goodness. And I've got a few things planned for the links in the dry months anyhoo, starting this week.

Buffalo Sabres Prediction Challenge! | Sabres Hockey Central
If you want to gamble on your knowledge of hockey, SHC is running a pick 'em contest.

Former Sabre Carriere becomes new Montreal Assistant GM - Buffalo Sports Daily
Carrière was a member of the Washington Capitals organization since 2004 as pro scout. He spent the previous two decades with the Buffalo Sabres, handling the duties of Assistant General Manager from 1995 to 2004.

For Habs' Cammalleri, Carey Price Is Right - Sporting News
In fact, Cammalleri says Halak's trade is what Price needs to establish himself. Um, yeah Mike, because if Halak were still there, Price would be riding the bench.

Expect Fehr to be on NHLPA's side - The Globe and Mail
All evidence points toward the involvement of the recently retired executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association in the negotiations for a new collective agreement in a couple of years. Personally, I don't like Fehr at all, what do you think?

Dallas Stars on verge of being sold to Calgary billionaire - THN
It appears Stars owner Tom Hicks is set to sell the team for $225 million to a Calgary oilman, but don't count out Mark Cuban yet.

Video: Honoring the best in 2009-10 hockey pugilism - Puck Daddy
As with any hockey season, year-end awards are a popular way to close things out and honor deserved players. What was missing was pointing out the best in hockey pugilism for the 2009-10 season and that's where the wonderful resources known as fills that void.