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The Daily Links for Saturday July 17, 2010

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A couple more days and Andy will be back in his familiar position. I promise that I will get a post or two, maybe even three done this week. It is expected to be another nice weekend in Western New York so I recommend you start your day off with some DBTB links and head outdoors. Sunday should be a repeat of Saturday.

The Sabres links are few and far between since all we get is a minor signing here and there. The links include another minor (league) signing for the Sabres.


Portland Pirates - News Release- Sabres Sign Conboy
The Buffalo Sabres decided to start building the Portland Pirates roster with some toughness. It would be funny if Gerbe plays in Portland next year. Remember when Gerbe and Conboy had an altercation in Buffalo a couple of years ago?


A look at the best 21-and-under NHL talent - - NHL Insider
Being young in the NHL doesn't mean you can't play a leading role. looks at the League's best players who are 21 and under. Guess who made the list? I have such a man-crush on Tyler Myers.


Is this the worst playoff format in professional hockey? - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Forget about professional hockey, this is the worst playoff format in professional sports.


Canadiens promote Carrière to assistant GM/player personnel - 2010 Offseason News
Canadiens promote Carrière to assistant GM/player personnel. Ex-Buffalo Sabres player and Assistant General Manager Larry Carriere is now making decisions in the Montreal Canadiens front office.

Alex Ovechkin takes a job with the KHL (yes, seriously) - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports

Alex Ovechkin has to be the first player ever to be employed in both the NHL and the KHL. It seems kind of strange that he would be getting paid by clubs in both leagues.As vacation awaits, I leave you with five suggestions to improve NHL - ESPN

Pierre Lebrun has some ideas that he thinks will help the league. Is he on to something?