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Daily Links for Friday July 16, 2010

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We have only a couple of links for this Friday morning. I apologize for the lack of content recently but I promise it will pick up in the next couple weeks. Summer is a very busy time and everyday I lose another key on my laptop. First it was the K that was sticking and now the L is sticking as well.


Sabres season-ticket renewals at 98% - Business First of Buffalo
There is so much complaining about the Sabres but season ticket holders are still on board. Even with the bad economy, Sabres fans continue to spend their money.


What Might Have Been… | Sabre Noise | A Buffalo Sabres Blog
Here is a look at past drafts and players the Sabres could have drafted. After looking at this list, I want someone to complain about the Sabres using video scouting. Video scouting brought us Tyler Myers and Tyler Ennis.


Sabres Edge: Sabres' variable pricing has good buys
Okay, prices are set and it's time to decide what games I can afford to go to. Should I do the 5 game mini-pack? Decisions...Decisions.


Video: Hear the official theme song of Thomas Vanek's biography - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
So I guess Thomas Vanek has a song. Should we start to worry that maybe Vanek is becoming a superstar?