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The Daily Links for Thursday July 15, 2010

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You guys and gals are stuck with me again. It is another quiet day in the hockey world but I was able to find a couple of Sabres related links for you.

I am going through hockey withdrawal at the moment and I am guessing you are to. If you are visiting this site right probably wish hockey started a couple of weeks ago.


Portland Pirates - News Release
The Portland Pirates announced their opponents for this season. Hopefully they are playing a game or two in Buffalo this season.


SABRES PLAY OF THE YEAR - Buffalo Sabres - News is continuing the Play of the year tournament. Head over and vote for your favorite play.


Blue Jackets coach Scott Arniel: 'We've got to learn how to win' - Craig Custance - NHL - Sporting News
A nice interview with former Sabres player and assistant coach Scott Arniel. Arniel was hired this summer to be the head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Sabres power play could use Arniel back. They have struggled with the man advantage since Arniel left.


Isles add cupcakes to Coliseum menu - - News
This link proves that things are slow around here. It also proves that I love cupcakes. I wish I was eating a cupcake right now.


Steinbrenner was tough sell for NHL
George Steinbrenner was already well established as a cantankerous Yankees owner in 1982 when he looked into buying the NHL's struggling Colorado Rockies franchise. He was not received warmly.