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The Daily Links for Wednesday July 14, 2010

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Is Andy back from vacation yet? I don't now how Andy is able to do this day in and day out. The summer time is very slow for Sabres news and very busy for real life. Today we have a couple of Buffalo Sabres related links to share with you. Patric Kaleta is the main theme of the day.


AUDIO: Kaleta on free agency, Niedermayer, more…
Nick Mendola had a chance to chat with Patrick Kaleta.


BTB: PLAYER SITES - Buffalo Sabres - News shares some links to Sabres player sites. I was aware of most of them but I was unaware of the Kaleta site. I'll check it out in a second and see if it is worth linking.


Welcome to the HITS Foundation - Helping Individuals to Smile
The Patrick Kaleta Hits Foundation. It is a charitable site and therefore it is worth the link.


CLASSIC CLIP: BAD BLOOD - Buffalo Sabres - News
I'm loving the old school clip of the Sabres. This is a great feature they are doing on


Whitmore re-signed by Buffalo  | Maine Hockey Journal
A minor signing for the Buffalo Sabres but it adds to the forward depth of the Pirates. He is familiar with the team having played in the Sabres organization since college.


Chronicles of Stanley: Toews owns Winnipeg; Sharp's ping-pong Cup wager; and Versteeg's bittersweet road hockey - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Follow the summer path of the Stanley Cup.