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The Daily Links for Monday July 12, 2010

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It was another quiet day in the NHL. I think we can officially start saying "we have reached the dog-days of summer". I have only a couple of links for you today and most of them are not about the Sabres, in fact, some are not even about hockey.


Sutch takes it all in stride with Sabres : Buffalo Sabres : The Buffalo News
John Vogl did a fabulous job on this feature on Sabres draft pick Gregg Sutch. Sutch is hearing impaired and has been since birth. This article will give you a glimpse of the type of person Sutch is and how he has been able to deal with his disability.


Lalimination : Hockey Rhetoric
There are have been many opinions on the signing of Patric Lalime. Some of us hate the move and still wish Martin Biron would end up in a Sabres uniform, despite him signing with the Rangers, and others like the move because Miller is happy with it. Here is another take on the Lalime signing.



The dance continues: Kovalchuk flying to L.A. for in-person talks - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
We still have no idea where Kovalchuk will play next season but apparently he is close to signing with the Kings.


Winnipeg welcomes Toews, Lord Stanley -
Jonathan Toews received a hero's welcome in his hometown Sunday, along with other accolades for the quiet 22-year-old who has already won a lifetime's worth of awards. Remember when Kevyn Adams and Scotty Bowman brought the cup to Buffalo in the past? I guess that is all we have to talk about as Sabres fans.


Sens’ Fisher, Underwood tie the knot - The Globe and Mail
Ottawa forward and country music star married at luxury resort in Georgia. I figured that since it has been a quiet weekend for Sabres news, you would be interested in reading about Mike Fischer and Carrie Underwood tying the knot.


Pen, Paper and a Microphone | The Goose's Roost
Not all of our links are hockey related and this one, clearly is not hockey related. This post was too good to not share with everyone in the world. I suggest you share this post with everyone you now. I had the same experience as Ryan in two seasons covering the Erie SeaWolves and it is very difficult to separate yourself from being a reporter and being a fan. I can relate entirely with this post, although I could never convey my thoughts as well as Ryan did.