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The Daily Links for Sunday July 11

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Andy is taking a much deserved vacation, which means you guys are stuck with me for the next wee or so. I am keeping the links short for this Sunday morning because quite frankly, there isn't much news on the weekend.


Summer school wraps for future hopefuls | - The #1 Source On the Future Blue & Gold
If you are craving more talk about Sabres Development camp, this is the post for you. Bakes does an outstanding job giving you a glimpse of the Sabres future with his post.


Sabres News, Notes and Quotes (7/9) - Bill Hoppe -
Here are some interesting takes from Lindy Ruff. There were a couple of good takes but the comment about Kassian not being ready was the one that stuck out to me. I lie the future for Kassian but he is not anywhere near ready to play in the NHL.


Top Shelf: Final Word On Bucky Gleason (Okay, For Now)
I never like to pile on Bucky Gleason (okay, yes I do), so instead I will let Heather from Top Shelf do it for me.


The 10 NHL teams that still have significant needs - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports
Puck Daddy put up a post declaring 10 teams that still have needs...they left the Sabres off the list. Are the Sabres need free? or did they forget that Buffalo had a hockey team?


The Hockey News: Edward Fraser's blog: Blog: Top 10 remaining UFAs
The Hockey News has a list of the top 10 free agents that are still available. Do you see anyone that could help the Sabres?