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Daily Links for Sunday, June 6

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Don't let this happen to you! Remember to diversify your internet diet to avoid fattening up on sweet, sweet links.
Don't let this happen to you! Remember to diversify your internet diet to avoid fattening up on sweet, sweet links.

It's a Daily Links triple play! Or a tic-tac-toe! Or a three-peat! Call it what you will, but there's no doubt that you're all getting kind of fat off of so many links. You really should try to balance your internet diet with some social networking, Flash games, or playing Six Degrees of Wikipedia. Make sure you fatten yourself up nice and good for Game 5 while you're here.

Interesting Target: Bobby Ryan - Shutdown Pair
There's been a lot of talk about Buffalo signing players currently in the Finals over the past few days, but what about the other 27 teams?

Sabres Prospect Making Name for Himself - Sabre Noise
I'm putting this post up because I want to know: what are your opinios opinions about Zack Kassian? There's video of his hit that got him suspended in this post, but do you think this kid is bad news, or is there still time to redeem himself?

Finals Talk:

Does Quenneville's line juggling hurt or help the Blackhawks? - Puck Daddy
A topic all too familiar to Sabres fans.

Will splitting Kane and Toews spark the Blackhawks? - THN
Chicago has it's best spell with it's two forward stars on different lines and you can expect a similar arrangement in Game 5.

Blackhawks must play with edge without going over it -
The Blackhawks approach Game 5 looking to play with an edge but without taking the undisciplined penalties that plagued them Friday.

Kane gets Stanley Cup inside track - The Globe and Mail
Blackhawks star remembers when he was the prospect getting a taste of life in the NHL.

Chicago Blackhawks and the evolution of their front office - ESPN
Fans usually don't love their teams' owners. Owners are the guys you hate because they trade away your favorite player. But in Chicago, there's no bigger star than Rocky Wirtz.

Flyers feel prepared to win one on the road -
The Flyers know they must find a way to win a game at the United Center in order to lift the Stanley Cup.


Everything Else:

Don Maloney named NHL general manager of the year - The Globe and Mail
Man behind the most successful regular season in Phoenix Coyotes history wins honour