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Daily Links for Saturday, June 19

With the NHL Draft quickly approaching (next weekend!) we'll start to turn our linking prowess toward finding info for you to coincide with D.O.'s possible draftee posts. 'Course we also have links dealing with everything else from Rob Blake's retirement to Hall of Fame debates.

Competition committee approves blindside ban, shrinks goalies - Puck Daddy
Some potentially big news from the competition committee, of which Ryan Miller is still a member.

NHL unveils Awards and Entry Draft programming plans -
Here's all the broadcast info for the two big events coming up in the next week.

Pre-draft winners and losers
Before the fun begins in Los Angeles, we take a look at which teams are set up for draft success in 2010 and which will struggle.

Blake caps a likely Hall of Fame career -
The captain of the San Jose Sharks announces his retirement.

2010 Hockey Hall of Fame: Which players should be inducted into this year's class? - ESPN
Scott Burnsie and Pierre LeBrun debate this year's class, and whether or not women should be allowed in.

Apparently, 1967 was a long time ago (annual drought post) - Pension Plan Puppets
Yes, the drought is long. It's just not unusual, though, no matter what Royson James thinks.

NHL teams at the movies, Pt. 1
In an annual tradition, Screen Shots breaks down each team's season based on similar and recent film reviews.