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Daily Links for Wednesday, June 16

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We've got some administrative business to take care of today. New team presidents, old lawsuits being dragged back to court, and contracts bought out. Luckily, we also have Jersey Fouls and mock drafts today, huzzah!

Nerd warning: we'll most likely be talking hockey video games tomorrow.

Stating our case for the Calder winner -
A forward, defenseman and goaltender are up for the Calder Memorial Trophy, given to the best first-year player. Here's why each of them should win.

Kevin Sylvester gives us a bunch of opinion on the Cup, and a small tidbit from Tim Kennedy about his World Championship performance.

Adam Kimelman's 2010 Mock Draft III -
One of three mock drafts from has Buffalo taking defenseman Jonathan Merrill.

Source: Bruins to name Neely president - The Globe and Mail
Team official states that Hockey Hall of Famer is set to take top job with Boston

Court reinstates Bertuzzi lawsuit against Crawford - The Globe and Mail
Player claims former Canucks coach should pay any damages awarded to Steve Moore for 2004 sucker-punch

Canadiens buy out Georges Laraque -
Canadiens buy out Georges Laraque's contract.

Jersey Fouls: Jay Leno meets the Chicago Blackhawks edition - Puck Daddy
It's a never-ending debate in our academic study of Jersey Fouls: Is an honorary sweater given by a team to an individual, with that individual's name on the back, a Foul or a Pass? Of course, in this case, it's a Jay Leno jersey, which means it's not only a Foul but one that only viewers 65 years and older find funny.