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Daily Links for Tuesday, June 15

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This may be my defining sign of the year. <em>Zdont</em>  try to diss it.
This may be my defining sign of the year. Zdont try to diss it.

I often find that my perspective on things changes with time and experience, as I know hope yours does as well. Thankfully, I don't have the same views, opinions, and habits as I did as a college freshman, or a graduate, or even 6 months ago. It's now been about 2 months since the Sabres were still playing, so I'm wondering if you still have the same impressions of the regular season that you did on April 11, when it ended. Of course, the division title looks less illustrious with the playoff loss, but many of us saw red flags with this team during the regualar season. I'm wondering if any of these "defining moments" look more or less like true representations of the team now that we've seen their playoff performance and had time to reflect on it. Check the two links below and let us know how you feel!

Defining Moments - Shots Off the Crossbar
Rafal asked us this question right before the end of the season, but now that you've had some time to sit back and reflect, do any of Rafal or Amy's moments stand out to you more than they did at the season's end?

Vegas odds have Crosby for Hart, Doughty for Norris - Puck Daddy
If you're a betting man, you might be wise to bet on Ryan Miller and Tyler Myers to win awards later this month.

If the Leafs Are Doing It, It Must Be Bad. Right? - The Toronto Star
It's possible Dion Phaneuf may be a terrible choice as Leaf captain. Or, he may be an excellent choice. Fact is, it's rarely known how players, particularly young ones, will handle the mantle of responsibility until they take it out.

Stars to fall into Canadian hands - The Globe and Mail
Battle for control of NHL franchise now down to Calgary oil man Bill Gallacher and Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi.

Mike Modano update: Working out, waiting for news - Dallas Morning News
Is Mike Modano coming back next season?