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Daily Links for Monday, June 14

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With the playoffs now over, there's nothing to do for the next few months but wait, speculate, and hope. Tomas Kaberle has been a player of great speculation over the past week, and whether you want him or not (we know where 4honors stands) we have a link here that you should check out to better arm yourself with the weapon of knowledge.

Thoughts on a Kaberle Addition -
Do you want him or not? Chris tells us exactly what adding Kaberle would mean.

Blackhawks drop by 'The Tonight Show' on Monday -
As a techno-savvy 20-something, I'm bound by nerd-law to support Conan O'Brien, so it pains me to inform you that if you want to see the Lord Stanley's Cup and the 'Hawks, you should watch Jay Leno tonight. I will now go wash my hands.

Stanley Cup 2010 Playoffs: 10 things that sucked about them - Puck Daddy
I love Puck Daddy if only because they need no excuses to throw a random Star Wars reference into any one of their posts.

Powerhouse programs not always best for prospect development - THN
Like Steven Stamkos and some current prospects prove, it can sometimes be best to be challenged in a weaker program than carried in a strong one.

NHL now on Hulu -
Just in time for the end of the season, the NHL is now on Hulu. Apparently you'll be able to watch not only weekly highlights, but also full and condensed games.