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Daily Links for Saturday, June 12

<em>"I promise to keep my shirt on this summer."</em> - Pat Kane. Patty, now that you're a champion, you can take that shirt off whenever you want.
"I promise to keep my shirt on this summer." - Pat Kane. Patty, now that you're a champion, you can take that shirt off whenever you want.

Interesting results from our soccer poll yesterday - while the majority of folks aren't going to throw themselves headfirst into the World Cup (or at all) at least 70% of you said you'd try to watch Team USA's game today. So put on your scarf, get your vuvuzela ready, and hope for a win or draw against England. 

Three Zach Kassian Links (sorry if you're sick of reading about him):

Kassian, McNabb selected for Canadian camp -
Buffalo Sabres 2009 draft picks Zack Kassian (13th) and Brayden McNabb (66th) have been selected to attend Hockey Canada's 2011 U20 Development Camp. 

Tough Love For Kassian - The Goose's Roost
If you royally screwed up twice at work and then got arrested by the police within a six-month span, chances are you won't be getting a raise or promotion anytime soon.

Boughner confident in Kassian - Montreal Gazette
Zack Kassian had to prove himself to warrant the Buffalo Sabres taking him with the 13th pick overall in the 2009 NHL draft. Now, after being charged with assault resulting from a bar fight May 30 in Windsor, he's going to have to do it all over again.

Blackhawks and Chicago celebrate the return of the Stanley Cup -
The Chicago Blackhawks spent Friday celebrating their Stanley Cup championship with the city they call home.

Chicago Celebrates Stanley Cup Win - WGR 550
Patrick Kane had some fun at his own expense and gave another shout out to Buffalo - audio included.

Tribute: Remembering the 2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks - Puck Daddy
Even though they won the Cup, doesn't mean Chicago is immune to some ribbing.

Contact to Head Crackdown Among College Rules Changes -
The NCAA is getting tough on contact-to-the-head penalties and getting creative in an effort to promote scoring when it comes to other rules changes.

Leaked: Brian Burke's letter to the other 29 GMs about Tomas Kaberle - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Down Goes Brown
Brian Burke reveals the thing that make Tomas Kaberle sad.