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Daily Links for Friday, June 11

Soupy get his cup. Still doesn't make up for being a jerk when I met you.
Soupy get his cup. Still doesn't make up for being a jerk when I met you.

Happy Friday everyone! Today will be the last day that we'll have dedicated playoffs/Finals talk after the break, because the Finals are, well, over. Tomorrow we'll be back to the usual "around the NHL" links after the break.

Also, with some other big tournament kicking off today, I'm interested in how many of you will be following the World Cup and rooting for Team USA with any regularity, or whether you couldn't care less about the world's game. VOTE YOUR OPINION.

If I Ran The Sabres, Summer 2010 Edition - Black & Blue & Gold
Phil from Black & Blue & Gold rearranges things quite dramatically next season. Do you agree with his moves?

Varsity hockey for girls is a go - The Buffalo News
They finally have a league of their own. Six public school districts in Erie County have officially committed to creating a new all-girls varsity ice hockey league, which is expected to attract roughly 150 high schoolers this fall.

Finals Talk:

What the Stanley Cup really means to us all - Puck Daddy
Justin Bourne tries an impossible task - to sum up just what the Stanley Cup means to players and fans, and does a pretty nice job. BONUS: A cool CBC hockey/Smashing Pumpkins "end-of-the-year" montage.

Chicago Blackhawks and Stanley Cup land in Chicago - ESPN Chicago
Special delivery: The Blackhawks and the Stanley Cup lands in Chicago.

Dream becomes real for Buffalo's Kane The Buffalo News
It wasn't that long ago when Patrick Kane was just a little kid with innocent fantasies.

Tallon talks about building a champion in Chicago -
Dale Tallon wasn’t at the Wachovia Center on Wednesday, but his impact was still felt as Patrick Kane scored the Stanley Cup-clinching goal.

Dellapina recounts the Stanley Cup's busiest day -'s John Dellapina recounts the Stanley Cup's championship day.

Gary Bettman shouldn't present the Stanley Cup - THN
Adam shares his thoughts on why Bettman should pass off his presenting duties; a tougher go for goalies; and Chris Pronger's genius.

Everything Else:

Order of selection for first round of 2010 Entry Draft -
With the playoffs over, the draft order is officially set.

Blackhawks favored to repeat - Sabres Edge
But the Sabres are the eighth-favorite, at 18:1 odds.