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Daily Links for Tuesday, June 1

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Not to sound like Keanu Reeves, but woah, it's already June. Before you know it, it'll be July. Then August, then who knows. Plenty of links on Chicago's win last night, as well as the beginning of some NHL Draft info after the break.

Sabres draft potential - Sabre Noise
As we close in on the NHL draft, Tim ponders who the Sabres should select with the 23rd pick. 

We Interrupt This Hiatus To Bring You... - Hockey Night in Buffalo
In case you missed it during Game One, Caroline gives a recap of how Ryan Miller looked in his short broadcasting stint. In a word: awkward.


Niemi shuts the door as Hawks take 2-0 series lead -
For the last two months the Chicago Blackhawks have been talking about how calm and composed Antti Niemi remains when the pressure is pounding on him.

Game 2 Breakdown - The Globe and Mail
A look at how Game 2 of the Stanley Cup unfolded from James Mirtle.

Hossa happy to toss some weight off his back -
Finally. That one word defined the look on Marian Hossa's face after he scored his first goal in nine games to break a scoreless tie with 2:51 left in the second period Monday night.

Game 2's Three Stars: Eager for offense, Pronger for towels - Puck Daddy
The best from Game Two, including Chris Pronger being a jerk.

Key facts, figures from Game 2 of the Final -
A look at some of the key facts and figures from Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final.


Everything Else:

Highlights From Gary Bettman's Press Conference - From The Rink
We had a few snippets of info from this presser last week, but here's a more comprehensive review in bullet-point form.

Changing Goalies = Shuffling the Deck Chairs? - Behind The Net
Your starting goalie is getting shelled. Clearly he's not on today. So you pull him, and everything calms down...right?

NHL fiscal brawn doesn’t mean brain - The Globe and Mail
Simon Fraser University study proves wealthiest NHL clubs don’t always make the best draft day decisions

Former owner hoping fans get behind Whalers return -
Former Hartford Whalers owner Howard Baldwin is trying to get fans behind his efforts to bring an NHL team back to Hartford, Conn.

Winning pedigree should make Taylor Hall No. 1 - THN
There's an argument to be made for either Hall or Tyler Seguin to be taken first overall, but the two-time Memorial Cup MVP, with his team success, should be top dog.