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Die by the Blade Off-Season Plan

I think I speak for everyone in the Die by the Blade community when I state that we are disappointed the Sabres season is over while eight NHL teams continue to play hockey. It is especially disappointing because most of us feel the Sabres were better than some of the teams still playing.

Despite the season being over, we have plenty in store for you this summer. In the upcoming days you will see posts about the Sabres free agents that may or may not be signed by the squad, we will get started on player report cards (like we did last season) and we have a couple of special features in store for you. Next season is the Sabres 40th anniversary season and we will do our best to relive some of that past magic.

We had a very successful season here at Die by the Blade and I expect it to become even better in the future. It couldn't have happened without some great writers joining the ranks and of course you, the community, have made this a rewarding experience. I can not even begin to explain how excited I am for next season.

If you are an avid reader of Die by the Blade, I ask that you take some time to get reacquainted with the Community Guidelines and read the tips on FanPosts and FanShots (we are counting on you to help fill the summer void).

Remember to follow the rules on commenting because that is ultimately where community building takes place. We were lax on some of the commenting rules through the post-season because we know it can be emotionally draining but we still want to keep the site PG-13 so everyone can enjoy the site. 

You can find a number of links in the left side bar to help guide you around the site. Spread the word and help us make this summer an enjoyable build up to next season.