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Die by the Blade Radio Tuesday at 9PM


It has been one week since the Buffalo Sabres season came to a disappointing end at the hands of the Boston Bruins. Most of us were sure the Sabres could handle the Bruins in a seven game series but in the end we were wrong. Wit a week to think about what went wrong, we will try our best to break it down on our weekly internet radio show.

Dave and Zach will be joined by Die by the Blade contributor Dave Davis to discuss what went wrong and place blame where we feel it's deserved. This past week Dave placed blame on the Sabres offensive stars and D.O. tried his best to counter that argument. If you are a sucker for some live debate, I suspect this could get a bit heated at times. We may disagree on the circumstances but in the end we are all passionate Sabres fans.

Please join us in the chat room to discuss the Sabres season and premature playoff departure. You can also subscribe to the podcast if you can not listen live.

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