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Derek Roy: 2009-10 Report Card

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It's time to put the finishing touches on the 2009-2010 season for the Buffalo Sabres. Here is a complete report card of every single player that played any amount of time with the Sabres this season. The journey will begin with Chris Butler and conclude in almost a month with Thomas Vanek. Thanks to Japers Rink and Mile High Hockey for the inspiration.

Derek Roy

#9 / Center / Buffalo Sabres



May 04, 1983

2009 - Derek Roy 80 26 43 69 9 48 10 1 6 0 215 12.1

Introduction: Derek Roy turned in his typical 60-70 point season, earned an "A" for half the year, and was a player that Lindy Ruff threw in to every type of on-ice situation. However, somewhere along the line his tendency to "not try very hard" blew up and this offseason he seems to be one of the poster boys for the team's lack of heart and effort.

Voting: On a scale of one to ten, one being the lowest and ten being the highest, grade Derek Roy on his season according to the expectations you had for him. If he met them, give him a five or a six. If he eclipsed them, aim for a seven or beyond. If he failed to meet them, give him a lower number relating to how poorly he missed the target.

Key Stat: Roy led all forwards in ice time by almost a minute, clocking in at 19:22 per game. Not only did this lead to his team-high 69 points, but also shows his versatility as a player, and how much Lindy Ruff trusts him in any situation.

Thumbs Up: Roy led the team in many categories including ice time (forwards), points, game winners, PP goals, and OT goals. He was a +9 and won more than 50% of his faceoffs despite playing against better than average competition, according to Behind the Net.

Thumbs Down: Roy has never been able to shake that "frat boy" image that's stuck with him over the past few years, given his boyish good looks and numerous appearances on Chippewa after weekend games. His lack of effort at times is disturbing, and does nothing to shake that immature image. He is prone to giveaways, earning him the nickname "The Tony Lydman of Forwards".

Points of Interest: Will Roy ever mature into the leader we'd all like him to be? Is his cap-friendly contract worth more in a trade than on this team?