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Daily Links for Friday, May 28

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Hmmm, I seem to remember Chris Pronger doing that to the Bruins quite a bit last series.
Hmmm, I seem to remember Chris Pronger doing that to the Bruins quite a bit last series.

Happy Friday, everyone! There's some exciting non-Finals news to share today about the next Winter Classic, but you'll have to check after the break to find out! Oooo I'm so sneaky...

Can Myers Be Our Pronger Or Lidstrom? - Shutdown Pair
Pulling together quotes from various columnists and comparing stats to see if our boy can become a man.

Devoted to Buffalo, However Far They Roam -
A cool article on Buffalo bars in NYC. I totally stole this from The Goose's Roost, which is a very excellent site.

Finals Talk: 

Eight reasons to watch the NHL's Stanley Cup finals -
Pucks might not be on everyone's radar screen over Memorial Day weekend, but now hear this: The icemen who cometh, the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers, have more screwball angles than a Coen brothers movie.

Stanley Cup the King of all Hardware - Versus
The Stanley Cup is the best trophy in sports. Nobody disputes this.

Flyers, Hawks have bad memories of last Final trip -
Neither the Chicago Blackhawks nor the Philadelphia Flyers have fond memories of their last trip to the Stanley Cup Final.


Everyone Else:

Capitals vs. Penguins Winter Classic set for Heinz Field 2011 - Puck Daddy
Just like last season's Fenway Park Winter Classic, the cat left the bag on the 2011 edition months before the official announcement. We've known since March that the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals were near-locks for the outdoor game.

Yzerman learned the GM tricks before entering the trade - THN
Instead of jumping in before he was ready, Steve Yzerman learned how to become a GM and is now going to lead the Tampa Bay Lightning.