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Craig Rivet: 2009-10 Report Card

It's time to put the finishing touches on the 2009-2010 season for the Buffalo Sabres. Here is a complete report card of every single player that played any amount of time with the Sabres this season. The journey will begin with Chris Butler and conclude in almost a month with Thomas Vanek. Thanks to Japers Rink and Mile High Hockey for the inspiration.

Craig Rivet

#52 / Defenseman / Buffalo Sabres



Sep 13, 1974

G A P +/- PIM
2009 - Craig Rivet 1 14 15 -6 100

Introduction: Craig Rivet had one of the quietest seasons since he has be apart of the NHL. His 15 points, were the second least in eight seasons and his lowest point total since being a Buffalo Sabre. Many of us wondered what was wrong with Rivet for most of the season and we were remembered at the end of the season that his shoulder was severely injured. Rivet will now head under the knife and possibly miss the start of the 2010-11 season.

Voting: On a scale of one to ten, one being the lowest and ten being the highest, grade Craig Rivet on his season according to the expectations you had for him. If he met them, give him a five or a six. If he eclipsed them, aim for a seven or beyond. If he failed to meet them, give him a lower number relating to how poorly he missed the target.

Key Stat: Rivet had one of the Sabres worst relative +/-, which is the plus/minus statistic adjusted by goal differential and goaltending, for the Sabres at -9.7. Only Clarke MacArthur (-14) and Chris Butler (-15) were worse.

Thumbs Up: Rivet brings a sense of leadership to this team and can still mentor some of the young defensemen that the Sabres have in Myers, Sekera, and Butler. Rivet is a sound defensive player and can continue to help this team. Rivet is under contract until 2011 and will count $3.5 million against the cap.

Thumbs Down: Rivet's shoulder injury hopefully explains most of the issues that he had with his game this season. If Rivet can come back to his level of play a few years ago, it will be a pleasant surprise for the Sabres and a blue line that may be much younger than it was last season. Unfortunately for Rivet, his captaincy may come to an end though. It was one thing that was keeping him in the lineup this past season and it may keep him in the lineup next season.

Points of Interest: How will Rivet's injury affect the Sabres offseason decisions? Will Rivet still be the captain again next season?