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Sabres Increase Ticket Prices After Banner Season

As Afino pointed out for us earlier today, the Buffalo Sabres have increased season ticket prices 5% across the board. It seems like a modest increase for a team that held steady on prices last season and won the Northeast Division title this season. 

All Sabres fans are disappointed with the Sabres first round playoff exit but this hardly seems like earth shattering news, in fact, I thought the increase would be more. My guess is the season ticket holders will get a pretty good deal this season because I expect the single game prices will have a more dramatic increase when they are announced in July or August. Somebody has to pay for Mike Grier right?

Despite the increase the Sabres still have fairly reasonable ticket prices in comparison to the rest of the league. The most expensive seat in the house is $88 per game to sit in the 200 level club seats and the 300 level end zones sell for only $22 per game. It seems the Sabres gave this some careful consideration before making the announcement and although we never like to pay more to attend an event, this was in line with what I thought would happen.