Realistic aquisitions for the Sabres

So It's the off-season. Which means arm-chair GM time.

So who do you guys think are realistic aquisitons for us, and what positions would/should be our priorities?

I'm not up on the salary cap and what/who would have to be done/dealt in order for things to make. But I'm basically just curious as to what the consensus is on this board.

Somebody mentioned Brad Richards in a thread recently, and I think he would be a damn good pick-up. I'm thinking, for us, priorities should be RW, a C (providing either Roy or Connolly are moved. Or if Roy can be effective on the wing.) and a D-Man, as I'm assuming either Lydman or Tallinder will be coming back, but not both.

Centers: Brad Richards (DAL), Andy Macdonald (STL), Mikko Koivu (MIN), Antione Vermette (CBJ), Brooks Laich (WSH)

RW: Mike Knuble (WSH), Martin Erat (NSH), Wayne Simmonds (LAK), Brad Boyes (STL)

D-Men: As far as D-Men go, I'm not really sure who is "gettable". I know there are guys I would love on our blueline (Joni Pitkanen, Mark Streit, Christian Ehrhoff), but I'm not sure how attainable they are.

All of the guys above I view as attainable either because they had a down year (but still better years than our "down" players like Stafford) and/or because their teams are likely looking to re-tool certain aspects after disappointing seasons/playoffs (Washington, St Louis, Columbus) or, in LA's case, they may be looking to make room for Kovalchuk.

Honestly, I would be happy with 3 or 4 AHL promotions (Gerbs and Ennis. McCormick full-time to replace Ellis/Mair) and allowing some other guys to simply walk or be dealt for decent picks either this year or next. But I am simply curious of your thoughts.

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