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Daily Links for Saturday, May 1

Happy May Day everyone! I'll be away from a computer from yesterday afternoon until about noon today, so if you're checking this post early, it's a bit sparse. More will be added in the early afternoon once I get home. In honor of today being May Day, here's a video of one of the best RJ Calls of all time.

Vanek hoping for good health - Sabres Edge

Sabres brass say losing takes an emotional toll - The Buffalo News
Larry Quinn checked off the list of emotions he's been feeling since the wee hours of Tuesday morning, when the 2009-10 Buffalo Sabres walked off their team plane for the final time.

Gleason: Sabres' post-mortem examines heart failure - The Buffalo News
Lindy Ruff, Larry Quinn and Darcy Regier were nearing the 40th minute of their post-mortem news conference Thursday morning when all three finally approached the heart of the matter.

For some reason I don't think I linked this. You probably know by now anyway. 

Ruff and Regier together still - Sabre Noise
A report card for the Buffalo Sabres front office from Tim.