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Daily Links for Thursday, April 8

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Tonight the Sabres battle the Boston Bruins to try to close in on the second seed in the Eastern Conference, and be sure to check right below these links for exciting news on some very good-looking prospects (in terms of hockey skill, not necessarily physical appearance). After the break, check a recent article by Jason Bourne (see Rafal's awesome interview yesterday) that should strike a chord with Sabres fans, and an article by the coaches of Crosby, Ovechkin, and Stamkos telling you how they score.

Lalime battling flu, status uncertain - Sabres Edge
Ryan Miller might not get the rest he was planning on getting, and updates on Vanek, Connolly, and Rivet.

No giddiness for Sabres or the fans - The Buffalo News
Buffalo was all business after clinching the Northeast title.

The Sabres have recently been handing out another unique player of the game award that's quite stylish.

To Beard Or Not To Beard - WGR 550
In the first of what will hopefully be many playoff beard links in this space, Jeremy White lays down some general rules to follow when you're thinking of growing a playoff beard (which you are, because you're either a man or a woman who's awesome)

"SHOOOOOOT!" - Bourne's Blog
Recent DBTB interviewee Jason Bourne writes about a subject familiar to anyone watching the Sabres from 2005-2007, but he explains exactly what every PP and PK player on the ice is trying to do while you're yelling at them.

Chasing Rocket: Why Ovi, Sid and Stamkos score -
Who will win the Rocket Richard Trophy this season? The coaches of Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos offer some perspective.

Swallowing the Whistle in the Playoffs? - Behind The Net
Everyone knows the refs call fewer penalties in the playoffs, right? Wait - they don't? Now I'm confused.

Blues' Tkachuk to retire at end of season -
The end of the road for a weary veteran.

Pierre LeBrun's second annual LeBrownie Awards! - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun doles out some totally-not-serious awards.

A Summer Guide for Ducks Fans - Battle of California
A helpful guide to get Ducks fans through the off-season. Funny stuff, and I'm certainly glad we don't need one of these.