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Die by the Blade Radio Live at 10 PM

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Tonight will mark the second episode of Die by the Blade Radio. The audio issues that were evident last week have been corrected and the show should go off without a hitch. The show will air at a much more convenient time instead of 11pm. Think of it as a post-game show for the Sabres home matchup with the New York Rangers this evening.


We have plenty of topics on tap for the show and of course we will answer questions from you in our chat room or via call-in. The phone lines will be open at 1-646-595-3767 (sorry there is no toll free number yet).




  • Post Game reaction to tonight's game versus the New York Rangers
  • Potential playoff opponents
  • Eastern Conference standings
  • Injuries (Thomas Vanek, Tim Connolly and Patrick Kaleta)
  • Sabres Playoff Tickets
  • Potential Playoff Schedule
You can listen to the show by clicking the player below or by visiting the page directly. If you want to chat with us during the show than visit the direct show page.