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Daily Links for Monday, April 5

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With most baseball teams beginning their season today and the NCAA men's basketball championship tonight, it's probably a good thing that Buffalo has another day until they play the NY Rangers. Fill the hockey void in your brain with some juicy, succulent links - internet, not sausage.

Ruff leaves door open for Ennis, Gerbe to stay in lineup - The Buffalo News
Lindy Ruff made it clear he isn't going to play favorites once the postseason starts. He also says he isn't going to play guys who are struggling. Hear that, Stafford?

Chris Butler vs Andrej Sekera – who’s gonna win? - Two Minutes for Roughing
With the two young defensemen trading games back and forth, whose stats and on-iceplay deserve to be in the lineup every night?

Sabres Playoff Update- Tickets And Standings - WGR 550
A reminder from WGR that first round playoff tickets go on sale today, and analysis of the current Eastern Conference standings.

Five biggest surprises of ’09-10 - The Hockey News
With the season winding down we look at some of the most surprising individual performances that may have flown under the radar.

Surviving, succeeding the Nashville way - ESPN
Neither reviled nor revered but somehow easily ignored, the Predators continue to exist on the fringes of the league, defying critics and skeptics, marching to their own tune. It's the Nashville way.

Defending Chris Pronger from the locker room cancer label - Puck Daddy
Some people in Philly don't like Chris Pronger. Wysh tells us why that's a good thing.

Scions of Ford and Ilitch Families Share Passion for Hockey -
Gordie Howe checks an 8-year old, hard. There's other stuff in the article as well, but that's really the most enjoyable part.

Islander Fan Wins A Car By Shooting Better Than The Islanders - Deadspin
It's the equivalent of the half court shot: sliding a puck from the opposite blue line through a precisely puck-sized hole in front of the goal. For the first time we can remember, someone actually made the shot.