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Canadiens 3 Sabres 0: Sabres Offense Draws Blanks in Montreal

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It didn't take long to see that one team was fighting for their playoff lives while the other team didn't have much on the line.

The Canadiens played harder than I have seen them play all season while the Sabres never seemed to get a rhythm. Ryan O'Byrne sparked the Canadiens in the first period with his first goal of the season and the Habs built off the early momentum. They never allowed the Sabres to get any offense going and they took advantage of their few chances. 

The Sabres have a week to try to get back the momentum they had a week ago while the Canadiens move closer to securing a playoff spot. This loss is not the end of the world but there has to be some concern about potentially meeting the Habs in the playoffs.

The Sabres have not been able to get much offense against the Canadiens in their last two meetings and Halak has been on the top of his game recently. This is a matchup I think the Sabres would like to avoid at all costs. That may only be possible if they can get a bit of a winning streak going this week and possibly overtake the Pens and the Devils for the second seed. It seems like a pipe dream after watching the last two games.

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Final Thoughts


  • It takes games like tonight to realize that Tyler Myers is a rookie. He wasn't terrible tonight but he made a couple of big mistakes that cost the Sabres. He is still my pick for the Calder Trophy but he is still a 20 year-old and the Sabres might count on him too much.
  • The sentiment tonight was the Sabres didn't play with intensity. I don't think that was the case, they just ran into a team that had everything to play for and they proved it. The Habs were the better team tonight and they deserve credit for being very good in both zones.
  • I love the intensity of Nathan Gerbe. He does a lot of things on the ice that you wouldn't expect from a guy his size. I know he hates people commenting on his size and does everything he can to prove people wrong. I am excited to see what he can do when he becomes comfortable in the NHL.
  • Although it didn't mean much at the time, it was nice to see the Sabres show some of their frustration at the end of the game with Gaustad and Montador both getting rough with a few Habs.