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Bruins 4 Sabres 3: Sabres Season Ends With Disappointment in Beantown

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I don't have the time, energy or desire to write a recap of this game so I will just share a few thoughts about the game and the series. Remember that all of us here are Sabres fans and we all eat, sleep and breath Blue and Gold. If I were to share an entire recap it would probably be full of excuses and I don't want to do that. I will share a couple of thoughts.

Isn't it Ironic that the one thing the Sabres could count on all season was the penalty kill and it was the Bruins power play/Sabres penalty kill that was the difference in the series. The Bruins scored six power play goals and only 8 5-on-5 goals while the Sabres had zero power play goals and 14 5-on-5 goals. Say what you want about the Sabres scorers but this series was lost by the penalty kill.

Final Thoughts


  • Much has been made about the play of Connolly, Roy and Pominville not scoring and they have been largely blamed for the Sabres power play failure. Too much blame has been placed on the players and not on the coaches. They put no time into watching the Bruins penalty kill and trying to figure their weaknesses. Both the Bruins and Sabres had great regular season penalty kill units but the Bruins proved it in this series and the Sabres didn't.
  • The Bruins deserved to win this hockey game but I'm still not sold they deserved the series. I look back to game two and the no call on Boychuk with the score 2-0 and I look to game four when the Sabres were ahead 2-0 in the third period and the penalty kill couldn't keep the Bruins off the scoreboard after two questionable calls.
  • Many Sabres fans underestimated the Bruins before the series and especially Tuukka Rask. Rask proved he is an all world goalie and he was better than Miller in this series. With Tuukka Rask in goal and the defensive philosophy of the Boston Bruins they have a chance to go a long way.
  • The Sabres did more than most of us expected this season and although it hurts right now, we need to keep that in focus. The team was expected to be a playoff team but winning the division was not even considered by most of us. There are plenty of young guys to build this team around and the future still looks good.