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The Daily Links for Thursday April 22

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I'm keeping it short and sweet today because the game went way longer than I hoped it would. It would have been great to come out on the wining end of this game but there is still hope for Sabres fans.


Right After the Game Ended I Wrote A Post, But It Was Full Of Swearing And Misery. I Don’t Want To See That Cranky Post In the Morning, So I Took It Down. Sadly, Blobby Is Going To Be Here In the Morning No Matter What, So I Figured, "What the Hell?" :(
I think Katebits shares the emotion of just about every Sabres fan.


Mirolsav Satan lifts Bruins over Sabres 3-2 in Double OT to take Game 4 - Stanley Cup of Chowder
The Bruins staged a third period comeback to erase a 2-goal deficit and prevailed 3-2 over the Buffalo Sabres in double OT of Game 4. The Bruins are feeling on top of the world right now and why wouldn't they? See what Stanley Cup of Chowder has to say about the game.


Morning Freak Show - Alexander Ovechkin is SCUM
I have always been a fan of Alexander Ovechkin but this was a classless move by him in Montreal last night.


The Power of Positive Thinking - Could it Carry the New Jersey Devils Game 5? - In Lou We Trust
The Devils are in the same position as the Buffalo Sabres right now and In Lou We Trust has decided to use some positive thinking. We need to channel some of that positive energy right now.


Bettman discusses playoffs, Kings and the Winter Classic - 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Quarterfinals
Bettman discusses playoffs, Kings and the Winter Classic