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The Daily Links for Wednesday April 21

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There is no way I can fill the shoes of Mr. Boron but I tried my very best to fill in some relevant links for you as we prepare for game four between the Bruins and Sabres.

The Hockey News: Headlines: Scoring scarce for Bruins, Sabres in first 3 games

News Flash...The scoring is low in the series between the Sabres and Bruins, two of the leagues best defensive/goaltending teams. Sometimes I find it hard to come up with material to write about, so I don't. We could only hope that some others would take that advice.

'NO CHANGE' FOR THOMAS VANEK - Buffalo Sabres - News

There is no change for Thomas Vanek and no chance he sees the ice in this series IMO. Vanek suffered a pretty severe ankle injury and would be ineffective if inserted in the lineup too early.

No Vanek Yet. Ruff Gives Up On Power Plays In This Series. - WGR 550 SportsRadio - Home of the Buffalo Sabres 

Lindy Ruff followed suit and joined Sabres fans everywhere by giving up on the power play. Many of us gave up in week one at least it took him three games into the playoffs to give up.


Interference: When Should it be Called? | Double Edged Sabres
Double Edge Sabres wants to know if you're pissed that Recchi wasn't called for interference on the game winning goal. If Ryan Miller was okay with the play, I am okay with the play.


The Eternal Conflict Within, Playoff-Style " The Willful Caboose
I think this post accurately describes how all of us feel right now. The bottom line is this...Go Sabres!


Sabres Edge: Paved paradise and talked in a parking lot?
Sabres meet media in a strange scene outside of practice arena. Hopefully nobody caught a cold trying to give interviews.


Portland Pirates - Game Summary
The Portland Pirates obviously missed the services of Jhonas Enroth in this series. It is a shame he was injured because it would have been great for him to get some playoff experience.


NHL Playoff Officiating: "Let 'Em Play" vs. "By The Book" - From The Rink
This a great piece by Mike Chen at From the Rink. I wold love to know what side of the fence you are on. Let them play or call it by the book?


ECQF Game 4: Briere, Carter awaken to give Flyers commanding series lead - Broad Street Hockey
Broad Street Hockey is loving their Flyers at the moment and who can blame them? They came within a shootout of missing the playoffs and now they are one game away from advancing to the second round.