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Daily Links for Friday, April 2

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Happy Friday everyone! Like an ice cream cake in August, all good things must come to an end, and the Buffalo Sabres lengthy winning streak against the Toronto Maple Leafs did last night. Unfortunately, Ottawa also won last night, so the Sabres magic number remains at 4. The boys in blue try again on Saturday against Montreal.

Gleason: Kennedy comes into his own - The Buffalo News
Tim Kennedy is a player who has crashed through the proverbial rookie wall and thanked the bricks for the experience.

Sabres set to clinch division - Sabre Noise
Though written before last night's game, the second half of this post is a nice, objective review of the Sabres organization heading into the playoffs.

An Olympic funk?- LA Kings Insider
What is each team's record since the Olympic break? Would you believe Buffalo has the best record in the East?

Stempniak, Howard and Sedin named NHL 'Three Stars' for March -
It's true, they were.

Pacific: Murray says no goalie controversy on Kings -
Terry Murray says emphatically that there is no goaltending controversy on the Los Angeles Kings. It just so happens that backup Jonathan Bernier has started a few games in a row....

Report: Bettman promising new NHL owners huge TV deal - Puck Daddy
Could the NHL be getting off the Versus Network in 2011 and on to a network 98% of America has heard of?

For this year's bottom feeders, there's nowhere to go but up ... or down - Sporting News
What do Florida, Columbus, and Carolina need to become playoff contenders next year?

April Fools, NHL Style - Down Goes Brown
DGB gives some fantastic prank ideas for players in the NHL. Most are laugh-out-loud worthy.

Alex Ovechkin Doesn't Care If You Can't Find A Parking Space - SB Nation
Alex Ovechkin needs to learn how to park his car.