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Daily Links for Wednesday, April 14

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Sit down, unbuckle your belt, and chug your Metamucil now, because we're going to stuff you so full of links it'll be like Thanksgiving dinner and the July 4 hot dog eating competition done gone and had a baby, and that baby is this post. After the break, there's tons more Sabres links, as well as gaggles of links from around the NHL including at least one for every playoff game being played today, more playoff beard links (hooray) and the results of the NHL Draft Lottery held last night. We're only one day away, folks...

Connolly Looks Good To Go - WGR 550
Skating with Ennis and Pominville, the dynamic center appears ready for Game One. Also included are the other lines, and a snippet from Ennis about what the coaches have told him about staying with the club.

Sullivan: Sabres must be better than average - The Buffalo News
Back in 1998, on the eve of a second-round playoff series between the Sabres and Canadiens, a Montreal player uttered a phrase that has lived on in infamy, referring to the Sabres as an "average team with a great goalie." Is that still the case?

The Top 5 Reasons: Why we should like the Sabres chances in the playoffs - Joe from NYC
Joe gives five reasons to feel confident this post-season, and some aren't being talked about nearly enough.

Final Power Rankings Roundup:
TSN: #7
The Hockey News: #10
USA Today: #9
The Buffalo News: #9
ESPN: #7

More Sabres-Bruins Links:

Lindy's theme - Sabres Edge
Lindy Ruff usually has a theme for a playoff series or season. What's it gonna be for Boston?

Bruins Expecting Tight Defense, Good Goaltending From Sabres -
And we expect the same from you. We'll take the extra goals, though.

Ruff Likes Sabres Young Guns - WGR 550
How does Lindy Ruff see guys like Ennis, Kennedy, and Myers playing in the post-season?

Sabres vs. Bruins - ESPN, like, has its own page just for the Sabres Bruins series that's updated with new stuff daily. Bookmark it.

Simulation Shows Bruins Have Zero Percent Chance of Winning Stanley Cup -
That's not good. Granted, Buffalo's chances in this simulation are only 5%, but five is still infinity times higher than zero!

Inside the NHL: If Miller is best goalie, can Bryzgalov be MVP? - The Buffalo News
If you determine the most valuable player in the NHL is a goaltender, must he not exit the annual awards dinner toting the trophy given to the best goaltender in the league?

My Favorite Playoff Moments - WGR 550
Bulldog shares his top 5 Sabres playoff moments.

Tyler Ennis and Mark Mancari were both double-winners when the Portland Pirates announced their annual team awards.

I know this was posted before, but they've updated it with times - starting at 5p.m. for Game One and 11a.m. for Game Two - and have announced that the Strictly Hip will be playing.

Rare 1970 Buffalo Sabres Inaugural Season Dagger - eBay
How can you be a Sabres fan and not want this? If I only had disposable income.....a lot of disposable income.


NHL Draft Lottery:

Edmonton Oilers win NHL Draft Lottery -
Boston will pick 2nd (thanks Mr. Burke), with Florida, Columbus, and the Islanders rounding out the top 5.


Wednesday Playoff Games:

First-round breakdown: New Jersey Devils versus Philadelphia Flyers - ESPN
This is not the first-round matchup the Devils likely wanted. But despite the Flyers' grit and experience, Martin Brodeur and Ilya Kovalchuk will be the difference for New Jersey.

Sens not worried about Elliott's inexperience -
Ottawa is relying on netminder Brian Elliott to backstop its chances for success when the Senators face the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins in the opening round of the playoffs.

Pens/Sens preview: the road behind us - PensBurgh
A look at the season series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators.

Underdog Avs: Pressure is on San Jose -
The Colorado Avalanche are embracing the role of underdogs as they prepare to meet the top-seeded San Jose Sharks Wednesday.

Memo to Coyote Fans - Five For Howling
Outlining initial steps Coyotes fans should take against Red Wing fans.


Around the NHL/Other Playoff News:

5 Great Things About Playoff Hockey - On the Forecheck
This time of year brings an entirely new audience to hockey, the casual fan who may not be very familiar with the game. In the interest of public service, then, OTF offers up this primer as to exactly why the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the most thrilling, captivating event in professional sports.

Eastern Conference Goalie Breakdown - From The Rink
Martin Brodeur is the legend. Ryan Miller is the hero. Marc-Andre Fleury is the defending champ. Which Eastern Conference goalie would you want for the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Five playoff storylines worth watching - The Hockey News
Will the Kings turn to an unlikely goalie if they falter? Will Vancouver break out? Can Filppula and Krejci raise their games?

EA Sports crowns Blackhawks; betting odds favor Caps - Puck Daddy
Buffalo's Stanley Cup odds are 20-1, according to the gambling site Bodog, and NHL '10 predicts Chicago will win it all.

Michael Farber's 2010 NHL awards ballot -
Here is Farber's NHL awards ballot, blemishes and all, that was sent a couple of hours ago to Ernst & Young.


Playoff Beards/Everything Else:

2intheBox Head-2-Head: Playoff Beards - Two In The Box
While it's unfathomable to me, I understand that there are people out there who either think playoff beards are dumb, or won't/can't grow them. Two in the Box debates for and against the annual hockey tradition.

Top Five NHL Playoff Beards in the Last Five Years - The Sports Dish
Moar beardz plz.

April 13th Beard of the Day: George Clinton - Second City Hockey
Bonus points to Clinton for his rainbow hair.

Top Secret Playoff Scouting Reports - Blades Of Funny
Many of you may not know this, but there is a top-secret scouting organization whose membership is comprised of retired Israeli Special Forces operatives and ninjas. This secret organization is highly skilled at assessing the psychological shortcomings of hockey players, as well as their on-the-ice deficiencies.


1,000 Bonus Points to you if you actually made it all the way to the end!