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Daily Links for Tuesday, April 13

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Chris Butler, makin' it look easy.
Chris Butler, makin' it look easy.

I don't understand why there's so many people out there who think the Sabres and Bruins are evenly matched. Every "expert's" preview that I've read save one has Buffalo or Boston winning in 7. But why aren't people giving the third-seed, 100-point Sabres any credit? The most prominent argument is that Buffalo and Boston are the same team: defensive, good PK and goal tending, and neither team can score. Boston finished 2nd in the NHL in goals against, while Buffalo finished 4th, so far so good. EXCEPT: Buffalo finished the season ranked 10th in goals per game while Boston ranked 30th - dead last. That's a pretty big discrepancy. Check the enormous Hockey News preview after the break (where Buffalo beats Boston in the areas of forward, defense, goalie, special teams, and coaching, so...everything) and maybe your opinion will change. I'm not saying the Sabres will sweep, because Boston is a good team and is playing well at the end of the year. But come on, people. Give the 3 seed some respect.

Sabres vs Bruins - 2010 Stanley Cup Conference Quarterfinals has specific pages for each series with multiple articles regarding those series. Instead of posting them all here, I'll just give you this link and say bookmark it for the next 2 weeks.

Head Coach Lindy Ruff addressed the media Monday afternoon, discussing the lineup, injuries and game plan heading into the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Boston Bruins.

Sabres, like most others, lack the superpower look - The Buffalo News
Last week, after the Sabres beat the Rangers to win the division, Lindy Ruff had trouble conveying why so many people have been slow to embrace his team.

THE VANEK SONG - Buffalo Sabres
In one of the more bizarre Sabres stories out there, Thomas Vanek wrote a book about his hockey experience. No wait, that's not the bizarre part - he hired a band to write and perform "The Vanek Song", which accompanies the book. Check it out at Vanek's official web site.

The Hockey News 2009-10 Playoff Preview - The Hockey News
A mammoth playoff preview from The Hockey News.

Coach Tocchet, GM Lawton relieved of duties in Tampa - Raw Charge
Tampa Bay has cleaned house with management. Lament over this move or not, they move forward from here.

Senators goalie ready, thanks to road hockey - The Globe and Mail
Brian Elliott calls on every bit of experience as he preps for playoff debut.

Sheldon Souray Demands A Trade - The Copper & Blue
Yet another big ticket player is on his way out of Edmonton, and the post-season theme of players bashing their non-playoff organizations continues.

Alex Ovechkin hit rates in best and worst of 2010 NHL season -
The Year of the Headshot will not go down as a fabulous hockey season, at least by most metrics.

Coyotes ignore fan deluge of plastic playoff snakes at own peril - Puck Daddy
Travis Hair, writer for SB Nation's Coyotes blog Five For Howling, is being peer pressured via Twitter to throw a plastic snake on the ice during Game 1 in Phoenix a la their opponent the Detroit Red Wings and their infamous Octopi. See what Travis has to say about it here.