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Daily Links for Monday, April 12

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After 82 long games and 193 days, the NHL regular season has come to a close, and the playoffs are set to begin on Wednesday. The Sabres get an extra day off and will begin play against the Boston Bruins on Thursday, at 7pm. I'll try to keep the links chock full of the freshest Sabres news and playoff news from around the league every day, so make sure to stop by. Also, Thursday morning will be the last time you shave for a few weeks. Warn your family/neighbors/co-workers. 

2010 NHL Playoffs First Round Schedule - SB Nation
Here is the first round schedule for the 2010 NHL playoffs.

Season/playoff history vs. Boston - Sabres Edge
How has Buffalo fared against Boston this season and in past postseasons?

Ranking the playoff goalies - The Hockey News
The keepers of the crease are often the key to success in the post-season, so which teams have the top masked men? We rank them all from top to bottom based on their work throughout this regular season and their past playoff performance.

The Bandwagoner’s Guide to the Sabres, Part One: Ryan Miller - The Willful Caboose
Most "real" fans tend to dislike bandwagon fans, and we're sure to get some during this playoff run. But, as The Willful Caboose reminds us, everyone has to start somewhere and we were all bandwagon fans at some point. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article through the eyes of a boy/girlfriend or out-of-town buddy who doesn't know much about the team but wants someone to root for - try it!

Sedin takes Art Ross, Crosby and Stamkos win Richard Trophy - TSN
Vancouver's Henrik Sedin won the Art Ross Trophy while Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby and the Islanders' Steven Stamkos shared the Maurice Richard Trophy.

NHL First Round Playoff Preview: Key Numbers - From The Rink
Face-offs? Power plays? Who holds an advantage in each of the Stanley Cup first-round playoff match-ups?

NHL Playoffs ready to begin - The Globe and Mail
The Globe's hockey experts make their fearless predictions for the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Patience thin with Sharks -
Patience. The San Jose Sharks have bought it with their regular season play, and tested it with a series of playoff flops that have led management, many believe, to give this leadership group one more crack at the post-season.

Kozlov places blame for Thrashers' struggles on coach - Puck Daddy
Atlantan Slava Kozlov torches his coach after the final regular season game.

Top 10 surprises of 2009-10 NHL season -
Kevin Allen gives us his top 10 surprises from the recently-completed regular season.