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Maple Leafs 4 Sabres 2: Sabres Tank Runs Empty in Toronto

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Good things never last and the Sabres had a couple of streaks end tonight in Toronto. They were riding a four game road winning streak, they had beaten the Leafs all five times this season and had some ridiculously long winning streak in Toronto and that all came to a screeching halt when Fredrick Sjostrom scored into the open net to put the Sabres away.

It wasn't quite the same domination the Sabres showed Florida on Wednesday night but there was no doubt the Leafs were the better team tonight. Every time the Leafs scored the Sabres found a way to battle back until Luke Schenn scored the eventual game winner in the third period.

In most cases we would be extremely upset about a loss to the Leafs but for some reason this loss feels different. It is disappointing anytime the Sabres lose but this was kind of expected. Buffalo had played well despite some key injuries and created enough space in the division to be able to afford a loss. If you combine that with playing back-to-back nights and the loss doesn't sting as bad.

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Final Thoughts


  • I think I am just as tired as the Sabres because I mailed in this recap tonight.
  • I don't mind losing to the Leafs but I hate that Luke Schenn scored the game winner. It adds fuel to the fire for Leafs fans that continue to think Schenn is better than Myers. Schenn gets the last laugh in this game but I'll take Tyler Myers any day.
  • It looked like the Carolina Hurricanes were going to help the Sabres move closer to clinching the division but Ottawa battled back and eventually won in a shootout so the magic number remains at four for the Sabres.