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Daily Links for Tuesday, March 9

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Ryan Miller takes his newfound national fame on the Today show, and after the break:  talkijng about headshots and a proposed change to the playoff seeding system at the NHL GM meetings.

Miller sticks with the plan -
Looking back at the decisive moment of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Ryan Miller wouldn't change a thing -- except the result.

Video: Lauer tries to talk hockey with Ryan Miller on Today Show - Puck Daddy
Ryan Miller talks Olympic hockey with Matt Lauer.

AHL suspends Portland coach Dineen indefinitely -
The American Hockey League today suspended Portland Pirates coach Kevin Dineen as a result of his actions after Saturday night’s game in Syracuse.

3/7 Recap: Kassian back; Spits roll -
Zack Kassian returned to action Sunday from his 20 game suspension, racking up nine minutes in penalties including a fighting major.

Copious crease concerns for Cup contenders - The Hockey News
Non of the top 3 teams in the NHL have a great goaltender - will offense trump defense this postseason?

Concussions can't be eliminated completely - The Globe and Mail
"It's not hits to the head, it's shoulder [hits] to the head," Colin Campbell said. "We've taken everything else out. Now, the question really is: Do you want to take shoulder hits to the head out of hockey?"

Inside the secret world of underground game trading - The Good Point
The Good Point talks about the evolution of game tape trading, from VCRs to BitTorrent.

Kesler enjoys the ride - The Globe and Mail
Canucks forward goes from Olympics to video game cover boy.

Change in playoff rules probably won't have much steam -
Apparently NHL GMs will discuss the possibility of adding a play-in tournament amongst non-playoff teams to determine the 8th seed in each conference. This sounds suspiciously like an idea ESPN sportswriter Bill Simmons came up with to fix the NBA's tanking problem. What are your thoughts?