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Sabres 3 Flyers 2 OT: Connolly Lifts Sabres in Overtime

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I didn't have a chance to watch he game tonight but I can say with certainty, this was a huge win for the Sabres. Any win is a big win for a team that is struggling like the Sabres are, but a come from behind overtime win has to be a confidence booster for the Sabres.

I watched the first period of the game and I loved the energy the Sabres played with. They took it o the Flyers with some intensity and had two or three really good scoring chances. Unfortunately they were unable to convert their chances and despite heir best effort the score remained tied. In previous games that spelled disaster for the Sabres and based on statistics that could have easily happened tonight.

Based on the statistics the second period was a difficult one for the Sabres but a nice hustle play by Thomas Vanek helped them escape with he score tied 1-1. The ability to keep it close eventually allowed the Sabres to tie he game and win in overtime.

It doesn't matter how they accomplished it, it only matters that they won the hockey game. The win pus the Sabres back in first place for awhile as the Sens play the Leafs tomorrow while the Sabres have the night off.

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