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Daily Links for Wednesday, March 31

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With all the general excitement in Sabre-land about the young guys finally being called up from Portland, today's links feature nothing but good vibes about Ennis, Gerbe, and Mancari. After the break is a must-read article talking about how Jonathan Quick's wife just delivered their first child, yet we as fans expect him (and any athlete) to prepare and perform exactly the same way they did before this life-changing birth.

When away from ice Tyler Ennis may look more like a kid than a hockey player; Standing at 5-foot-9 and 163 pounds, the winger’s size isn’t usually what makes him intimidating to go up against. Also, an update on some of the injuries.

Sabres Notebook: Gerbe returns to familiar territory - The Buffalo News
The former Boston College Frozen Four hero played his first game in his old college stomping grounds Monday night in TD Garden as the Sabres met the Boston Bruins.

Introducing Captain F*** This Shit - Top Shelf
In a decidedly NSFW post, Heather talks about how Tyler Ennis could finally evolve into that guy who says "I'm sick of this, I'm scoring", something the Sabres have missed since the days of Danny Briere.

Power Rankings Roundup:
The Sporting News: #9 (posted 3/30)
TSN: #8 (posted 3/29)
The Buffalo News: #8 (posted 3/28)

How To Lose Your Game In 9 Months - View From My Seats
Chronicling Jonathan Quick’s struggles for the Los Angeles Kings since the birth of his first child.

Finger painting the playoff picture - The Hockey News
Who's in and who's out? Check the tabloids for that mess. However, THN gives its best guess as to how the hockey playoffs will shake out.

Penguins sign Letang to four-year contract extension - The Globe and Mail
Pittsburgh re-signs 22-year-old defenceman through the 2013-14 season

The Reality Of Relocation In The NHL - From The Rink
Relocation is always a hot-button topic in the NHL, but recent events have four to six teams moving. What are the realities of the possible markets?

Visors must be made mandatory now - Justin Bourne's Blog
The former pro player explains why there's simply no excuse for both the league and its players to not accept eye protection as a necessity.